Town of
Public Safety

Lewis County 911 Addressing


Please call if you require an address for new construction, or to report any change of address, telephone number or name change you may have.


You may also notify us about special needs at your residence; medical  conditions, children with needs, pets, hazardous materials, firearms.

It is wise to notify us of these special conditions prior to the requirement to have an ambulance or fire department called out to your residence.


Mark your home or business with the 911 address assigned by our department. Make sure the address can be viewed from the road from either direction and reflects for night location.


If you use a Digital Phone service, please test it by calling 911 and telling the dispatcher you are making a test call. This could save your life! If you move the digital phone to another location, you must notify your Internet Comapny and our office.


If you use a cell phone as your primary phone from home, please call our office and notify us about the number and address you will be using it from.