Town of
Public Safety

Lewis County Sheriff

Outer Stowe Street
Lowville, NY 13367

In case of Emergency, Dial 911.

If you wish to test the system and verify that your phone number is in fact going to identify where you live to the 911 Dispatchers, please make a test call to 911. Identify yourself and tell the Dispatcher you are making a test call. The Dispatcher will be able to confirm the address you are calling from.

Notify the Dispatcher of any special conditions, such as a known medical situation that might require special consideration in the event you call in the future, or dogs that might need to be controlled in the event of an emergency.

If you use a Cell  or Voice over Internet Protocol phone as your communications device, you should identify the address where you will be using the phone during an emergency.

Post you address clearly by the road or on your building to assist emergency services in finding your home.

Address information and issuance is avaliable at 315-376-5294.   

The Lewis County Sheriff provides:

   A full Road Patroll unit equiped with in car computers and camera systems

   A Recreational Patroll unit which

      Patrolls the trail system and manages Snowmobile and ATV traffic

      Patrolls the recreational water bodies and conducts Water Craft Safety training

   A complete jail complex

   Court System Security

   Dive Team for water rescue

   DARE Instructors for pro-active instruction on the use of drugs

   Senior Citizen Patroll units that assist with traffic controll for events and vacant property visits

Please call 315-376-3511 for non-emergency communications and inquiries.