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Permits & Licenses Info

Fees for Permits, Time Limits and other important issues

Where to Apply:

Application for Zoning Permit.....$30

Application for Zoning Permit Appeal $50

Application for Special Permit $50

Application for Major Sub Division (More than 3 lots) $75 plus $5 per lot

Application for Minor Sub Division (Boundary line adjustments) $50

Copy of the Zoning Law $10 plus $3 postage (available on line free)

Copy of Sub Division Control Law $5 (available on line free)

Copy of Sewage Dispersal Law $5 (available on line free)


Zoning Permits 2 years to complete the project

Special Permits 2 years to be operational

Temporary Permits not to exceed 1 year

Building Permits 3 years to complete the project

Demolition Permit 1 year to complete

Chimney/Wood Stoves 3 years to complete the project

Swimming Pools 1 year to complete

note: If project not completed within above prescribed time limits, must

reapply for permitting.

exception: Building Permits may be renewed for 1 year at a fee of $25


Town of Greig, Code Enforcement Officer

David VandeWater

5186 Greig Rd

Greig NY 13345 

Phone/Fax 315-348-8272 x1

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